Telco For Business specialises in adding value to organisations by ensuring your mobile and wireless communication needs are optimised and cost effective.

We work with you to deliver a telecommunication plan which includes the range of Telstra mobile plans and a range of handsets including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Data Modems that best suit your organisation’s requirements.

Consumer Plans

  • The Everyday Connect Telstra plan offers a range of cap plans with both 12 and 24 month contract options.

Business and Corporate Plans

  • Telstra Business Advantage plans offer a range of plans where data and call allowances are shared between the group and provides free calls between customers on the same bill.  Casual and contract options are available with a monthly credit provided on the 24 month contract option.  Additional solutions allow users to pay a fixed monthly cost for unlimited SMS and Message Bank.
  • Telstra Business Performance plans offer a range of cap solutions on both 12 and 24 month plans with a range of inclusions.
  • Both of these solutions are available on a range of devices.

Telstra Mobile Broadband Business Plans

  • Telstra Mobile Broadband is available with a USB modem or stand alone unit on the new NextG network.
  • A Telstra Mobile Broadband Share plan is also available using either of the above devices, which enables users on the same shared plan to share data allowance.

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